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How To Avoid Jewelry Scams During The Holidays

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As a time of year where many people are constantly reaching for their wallet, it’s extremely important to be aware of any and all scams during the holiday season. Specifically speaking, though, an item you need to be extra conscious about is jewelry. Considering that jewelry can be expensive enough as it is, it isn’t unusual for sellers to trick […]

Tips For Choosing Jewelry For Your Wedding

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Although it may be the favorite and certainly the one that everyone in the audience is looking at, the engagement ring isn’t the only piece of jewelry a bride wears on her wedding day – there’s also earrings, a bracelet and a necklace if the dress calls for it. With that said, though, the process […]

Three Fine Jewelry Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

Fine Jewelry Long Island

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and the gift giving season has begun, if you’re like most, you’ve probably started to think about what purchases you need to make. However, with nearly every store offering their best deals of the year, we know it can get pretty tricky to narrow down exactly which items you need […]

Do’s and Don’ts To Follow When Purchasing A Watch

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Considering that the holiday season is among us, we know you may be starting to create a list of gifts that you need to buy for family and friends. And if you’re considering a watch, we’re here to remind you that finding the right make and model isn’t as simple as walking into a jewelry […]

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Band

Fine Jewelry Long Island | Diamond Rings Long Island | Buy Diamonds Long Island

When it comes to your wedding, the act of shopping for jewelry doesn’t end after the engagement ring is purchased. For the bride, she’ll eventually have to decide on which necklace, earrings and bracelet she’ll wear to compliment her dress, and she’ll also have to think about what her wedding party will wear to compliment […]

How Much Should You Spend On Engagement Rings?

Engagement Rings Long Island | Engagement Rings Suffolk County

There are tons of decisions that have to be made when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring, but possibly one of the most important is “how much should you spend?” As a piece of jewelry that isn’t always easy on your wallet, it’s critical that you have a guideline to follow before choosing the […]

A Man’s Guide To Purchasing Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings Long Island | Diamond Rings Long Island | Engagement Rings Suffolk County

Deciding on the right Engagement Ring With the New Year just a few weeks away, all you gentlemen may be starting to think about your plans for the future. Do you feel like it’s time to settle down with your significant other? For those who plan to pop the question during your New Year’s Eve […]

How To Care For A New Ear Piercing

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So you’ve found a reputable jeweler to pierce your ears and can officially add earrings to the list of jewelry you wear. At this point you probably know how long you need to keep your original studs in to prevent your holes from closing, but what about all of the aftercare procedures? To keep your ears […]

Tips For First Time Luxury Watch Buyers

Watch Repair Long Island | Luxury Watches Long Island | Designer Watches Long Island

Though the process may seem self-explanatory, buying your first luxury watch requires more than you think – it’s not as simple as finding a timepiece that looks good on your wrist. While this is definitely a factor to consider, you must also be familiar with topics such as the different models and features available, maintenance requirements, and watch […]

Three Things To Look For In An Ear Piercer

Ear Piercer

Whether it’s your first hole, your second hole or your third, it’s critical that you have your ears pierced by someone that you can trust. While we’re sure you could find tons of local ear piercing boutiques in your town or a nearby mall, it isn’t nearly enough to settle on the first place you […]

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