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Tips For First Time Luxury Watch Buyers

Watch Repair Long Island | Luxury Watches Long Island | Designer Watches Long Island

Though the process may seem self-explanatory, buying your first luxury watch requires more than you think – it’s not as simple as finding a timepiece that looks good on your wrist. While this is definitely a factor to consider, you must also be familiar with topics such as the different models and features available, maintenance requirements, and watch […]

Three Things To Look For In An Ear Piercer

Ear Piercer

Whether it’s your first hole, your second hole or your third, it’s critical that you have your ears pierced by someone that you can trust. While we’re sure you could find tons of local ear piercing boutiques in your town or a nearby mall, it isn’t nearly enough to settle on the first place you […]

How To Properly Store Your Luxury Watch

How To Store A Luxury Watch

When you aren’t wearing your watch, you’ll need to find something to do with it to ensure that it’s kept safe. Additionally, if you have a watch collection, you’ll need to have a place to keep all of your precious timepieces so that they are protected in the unfortunate event that a fire or similar […]

Get To Know Your November Birthstone

November Birthstone

Happy November everyone! Now that Halloween has come and gone, it’s time to focus on the next holiday – Thanksgiving! But before you start planning for end of the month festivities, do you have a birthday to think about? If you’ll be blowing out the candles this month, learn all about your birthstone below. Like […]

RSVP for our annual Fundraiser

MADDALONI JEWELERS Hosts Their Annual Festival Of Watches Fundraiser, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2015, Huntington, New York On Saturday, November 7, from 7 – 11pm, Long Island’s premier jeweler, Maddaloni Jewelers will host their 14th annual “Festival Of Watches,” for North Shore-LIJ Huntington Hospital.  The event features the world’s leading timepiece designers showcasing their signature collections […]

Why Shop With Long Island Jeweler Maddaloni Jewelers?

Why shop at Maddaloni Jewelers, a Long Island Jeweler

Take a moment to think about your favorite piece of jewelry – do you remember where you got it? If it was a gift that’s one thing, but if you purchased it yourself there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to recall the jeweler you bought it from. Aside from our outstanding selection […]

Get To Know Your October Birthstone

October Birthstones

The month of all things fall and Halloween has officially arrived! Aside from indulging in pumpkin spiced everything and decorating your home with fall leaves and spooky wreaths, are you also celebrating a birthday? If October is your birthday month, check out the below to learn more about the birthstones associated with it – starting […]

All About Diamonds: Diamond Facts You Should Know

Facts about diamonds

You could probably determine which stone is a diamond when presented with a few to choose from, and you could probably tell us a little bit about a diamond’s characteristics, but do you really know all of the intricate details and history about one of the Earth’s most precious gems? Unless you’re an expert in […]

Reasons Why You Need To Wear A Watch

Reasons Why You Need To Wear A Watch

In an age where many of us are all about technology, you may be wondering why something as traditional as a watch should still be worn – after all, we now have computers and cell phones and tablets to tell us the time, right? While we may have several accessories that are capable of letting […]

Warning Signs That Your Luxury Watch Needs To Be Serviced

Warning Signs That Your Luxury Watch Needs To Be Serviced

Part of owning a luxury watch includes being responsible for maintaining it. Although your watch may have a lifetime guarantee, the fact that it is subject to every day wear and tear requires that it be looked at by a professional every year or every few years, depending on the brand. But what deems a luxury […]