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Masterpiece Timepiece

Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillion

What bigger word can you think of then the word “Jaw-Dropping?”  Amazing, remarkable, mind-blowing, astonishing, absolutely incredible!  These adjectives describe what it feels like when you come across a true masterpiece. And yes, it is a Limited Edition with only 99 pieces made in Platinum. What is it you ask? It’s Ulysse Nardin’s Royal Blue […]

Diamond Buying

Diamonds are Forever

  I am sure everyone will agree that buying a diamond is a significant investment. It usually marks an occasion that is both an emotional and a financial commitment. Choosing the right jeweler is the first golden step.  You must find one that is preferably a GIA Graduate with an in-house state-of-the-art GIA gemologist lab […]

In the beginning…

Ever wonder how a successful business gets started? Is it destiny, luck or hard work? You decide… is one mans’ humble beginnings. Your intro into the world of Maddaloni Jewelers begins with Louis Maddaloni and his fascination with stones starting with a third grade science project. Combing his neighborhood with the most beautiful rocks he […]

Getting Engaged? What’s Your Preference ~ Classic or Contemporary?

Engagement Rings Long Island | Diamonds Long Island | Maddaloni Jewelers | 631-499-8800

Getting Engaged? What’s your preference ~ Classic or Contemporary? An engagement ring is so personal. When it comes to style, everyone’s taste is different. being that it is worn daily and holds tremendous sentimental value, we ask our customers; Would you prefer a classic engagement ring with the tradition diamond/s or would you be interested […]

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