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Corum Models

Corum Bubble

It is time for Corum manufacture to bring back the popular timepiece Bubble – a collection of articles originally published in 2000 and played a major role in the modern history of the brand. Over time, the issue of collection Corum Bubble watches has been discontinued, probably due to the fact that the Corum gradually began to lose its mind, releasing several limited edition models of the absurd watches.

Over the past few years, brand has lost the fun side and replaced it with the larger number of elite watches, which is nothing to represent but are willing to be the face of the brand. Last year Corum released the model Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender. Later, the brand decided to place double tourbillon into Admiral’s Cup timepiece. Therefore, enthusiasts have embraced very rapidly the return of the Bubble Corum model.

Corum Admiral

First, we have two models of the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto. Right off the bat, you’ll notice the iconic twelve-sided bezels on these stainless steel pieces that measure in at 42mm. You have your choice of either a deep blue or white dial, and the sapphire crystal over it is double anti-reflective-treated. With an overall water resistance rating of 50m for the case, we would have hoped for a little more from a watch aimed at people who like to be around water.

The dial is graced with a colorful array of nautical flags that bring a nice flare to the table and blend nicely into the theme of the watch – and at 3 o’clock, an inconspicuous date window hidden is in one of the flags. The Rhodium-coated dauphine hands are skeletonized and treated with Super-LumiNova while a small seconds is at work right above 6 o’clock. The back of the case receives a sapphire crystal to show off the movement here as well. The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto watches are powered by the CO 395 that offers a 42-hour power reserve. The CO 395 is really a base ETA 2895, and Corum has engraved the rotor on this occasion.

Corum Golden Bridge:

Like many modern watchmakers, Corum has had an interesting time over the last few years. Through ups and downs, the brand circa 2016 is rediscovering itself as well as recalling some of the personalities that made the modern brand interesting. Corum of old (like 10-15 years ago) was a true innovator in terms of style and fashion when it came to how people wear modern timepieces. The Bubble, for example, (which is back this year as well) was a true testament to how a high-end watch could also be really fun. The Golden Bridge is easily one of Corum’s most distinct movements and timepiece concepts, but has had a tough time appealing to Western males despite a really interesting visual presentation.

The Golden Bridge Round, Corum has oriented the movement vertically in a round case, which leaves some room to the sides of the movement for decorative or other purposes. Corum wanted to get a little architecture here, so the bridge work (literally) on the sides of the movement in the otherwise skeleton case is taken from the design of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. So yes, the Golden Bridge watch gets some inspiration from another golden bridge… I think that is pretty fun. Actually, the Golden Gate Bridge is red, but when the light hits it the right way, the bridge seems to glow a golden color. I’ll note, having lived near the Golden Gate Bridge, that the sun doesn’t shine on it (through the clouds and fog) all that often.

Corum's LAB 02

The LAB 02 is a perfect example of aesthetic perfection and extraordinary craftsmanship. The highly complicated manual movement stretches the imagination as well as the physical constraints of watchmaking. In its creation, Corum’s development team’s members challenged themselves to offer not only a flying tourbillon, but also a flying gear train of sorts.

Two years later, Corum unleashes the LAB 02. Its calibre CO 300 consists of an impressive 416 individual components, each meticulously skeletonized and finely finished. Each piece is hand-assembled in a unique format with a flying tourbillon at 6:00, with flying wheels that track the hours, minutes and seconds, and with the bridge set directly onto the mainplate.

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