what you can do with old jewelry and how to make it look new – a lost and found story about jewelry

what you can do with old jewelry and how to make it look new – a lost and found story about jewelry

How to Give Your Heirloom Jewelry Pieces a New Life

Looking to Redesign Jewelry That Has Been Passed Down to You? Follow These Tips!

Family heirloom jewelry comes with a sentimental value that is unmatched by almost all other types of jewelry or family belongings. Inheriting a family heirloom piece gives you the chance to reflect on your older relatives and family members that have helped build the family you love today. But sometimes, these jewelry pieces don’t fit our tastes. Or they are in need of repair. 

Instead of stowing away these heirloom pieces in a drawer, you can give them a little redesign! Jewelry pieces are meant to be worn, not hidden away. So follow these tips for giving your heirloom pieces a little facelift now!

Common Techniques You Can Use to Redesign Jewelry

There are a number of different jewelry pieces you can customize, including:

  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Watches
  • Earrings

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your redesign! Jewelry can actually be pretty versatile. For instance, diamonds on a tennis bracelet can be placed onto a gorgeous new ring. Old watches can be turned into bold statement bracelets. Earrings can be transformed into stunning pendants. 

Check out some more fun ideas below!


Sentimental rings are some of the most common family heirloom pieces passed down. They might include engagement or wedding rings. They could also be statement pieces that were treasured and highly-valued by older family members. Either way, there are a number of techniques you can use to give your ring a modern look. 

Some people want to keep the gemstones on their rings and replace the bands. Others will completely melt down the gold from the rings to create new bands. You can also replace the gemstones on your rings with new ones and repurpose the old ones for a necklace or bracelet! If you have two or more rings you would like to redesign, you can combine your favorite elements from each of them to create a fresh new ring!


Bracelets are also fun and versatile jewelry pieces you can redesign. Maybe you want to adjust the thickness of the band or add some cute charms to it. Using other antique jewelry, you can repurpose old gemstones and embed them into your bracelet. You can also purchase new gemstones to accentuate the design of your bracelet. 


Want to give your necklace a facelift? Many people opt to change out their chains or replace their pendants. If you have an old ring that doesn’t match your style, but also doesn’t deserve to hide away in a box all day, you can repurpose it into a pendant for your necklace. 


Watches are handsome and practical accessories whose style has consistently changed over time. If you want to change the watchband, it’s usually pretty easy to trade it in for something more modern or flattering to your wrist shape. Alternatively, you can transform the watch into a bracelet if the band is thin enough. 


Earrings are also fun jewelry pieces to customize and redesign. If you don’t usually wear earrings, you can repurpose them into pendants or place their gemstones onto a ring. Some people even turn their earrings into a regular ring! 

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