Get to Know your June Birthstone


At the start of June, the sun rises in the constellation of Taurus; at the end of June, the sun rises in the constellation of Gemini. However, due to the precession of the equinoxes, June begins with the sun in the astrological sign of Gemini, and ends with the sun in the astrological sign of Cancer.

June Birthstone Fun Facts

The lustrous and lovely pearl, the traditional birthstone for those born in June, makes a thoughtful presentation. In luminous white or shimmering colors, this classic gemstone represents peace, beauty and friendship.Perhaps the best-loved gems of all time, pearls—natural and cultured—occur in a wide variety of colors. The most familiar are white and cream, but the palette of colors extends to every hue.

Natural pearls form around a microscopic irritant in the bodies of certain mollusks. Cultured pearls are the result of the deliberate insertion of a bead or piece of tissue that the mollusk coats with nacre.
For more information on Pearls, the GIA article will inform and fascinate:

Gemological Institute of America article on Pearls

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