How to Buy Diamonds

Pear Shape diamond Maddaloni Jewelers
Pear Shape diamond Maddaloni Jewelers


The following information is provided to educate our customers on how to make informed decisions about diamond buying and how to choose a diamond based on individual wants and needs.

Each and every diamond is unique – unlike any other, therefore several important factors affect the price when you consider whether to buy or sell diamonds.


*Please note- Every diamond purchased at Maddaloni Diamond Jewelers has been accurately measured and assigned a color grade by the GIA.

To refresh your memory, a diamond is valued according to it’s classification in the following categories:


Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat weight. Finding an exceptional diamond that matches all 4 of these attributes is an easy way to get rich, so it is an investment sought by those looking to acquire wealth over time from both near and far.

That said, for most people a diamond is a symbol of love so finding the perfect stone has to be aliened with your expectations and understanding of the 4C characteristics that are most important to you.


Diamonds come in a variety of colors, some of them include blue, pink, canary yellow, red and other rare colors. Diamonds considered rare or fancy colored diamonds are graded on a separate color scale. That said, the most popular of all is still the white diamond.

The GIA grades white diamonds on a scale of D-Z. D is considered a colorless diamond and therefore the best color grade, this continues through Z (yellow color). The letters refers to the presence of a yellow

tint (color) that effects the cost and value of a diamond. The less color in a white diamond, the more the true color it will reflect, and thus the greater its value. Maddaloni Jewelers does not carry any diamonds that fall below a color grade of L.


Cut is the most important factor in determining brilliance in a diamond. Cut refers not only to the shape but also how much skill the diamond cutter used to avoid shadows, inclusions and produce the most brilliance which equates to value in the stone. Here are some popular basic shapes. A round diamond will typically provide the most brilliance over other shapes due to the design mechanics of rounds for reflecting light.


Virtually all diamonds contain some degree of imperfection called inclusions. Clarity refers to the degree to which these imperfections are present. Diamonds which contain numerous or significant inclusions have less brilliance because these flaws interfere with the way light travels through and reflects back at you from inside the diamond.


This refers to the overall size and weight of the stone. While many customers want to start here, Maddaloni Jewelers recommends starting with cut, because that is the most important factor in determining the stone’s brilliance and satisfaction of individual taste for the person who will be wearing it. Instead of being concerned about high carat weight, investing in the right cut for maximum brilliance will yield the best quality and value for your purchase. Brilliance refers to the brightness of a diamond, created by the combination of light reflections entering into and reflecting back from the stone. The greater the amount of reflected light, the more brilliant the stone. Maddaloni Jewelers can help you choose the perfect stone for any occasion. Please call us at 1-888-999-4038 to schedule with a GIA Certified gemologist today.


At Maddaloni Jewelers in Huntington, NY

Owner Louis Maddaloni, a GIA Certified gemologist is a well-respected NY jeweler available to assist you buy or sell diamonds or with a diamond appraisal.

Maddaloni Jewelers in Huntington, NY is known throughout the area as a reliable source to buy or sell diamonds, fine jewelry and luxury watches. With a tremendous selection of gold, platinum and diamond mountings combined with expert jewelry makers on premise, we make it easy for you to customize any order.

Maddaloni’s world-class, friendly staff are on hand to assist you find the perfect setting to enhance the look of your diamond. For instance, slight amounts of yellow color can become much harder to detect once a stone is set in the proper setting. If your diamond is G in color, it may look as colorless as a D when set in a yellow gold mounting. We are experts in jewelry design and carry a huge selection of gold, platinum and diamond mountings to help make your shopping experience first class from beginning to end. We listen to our customers, understand the industry and offer sound advice to help customers make informed decisions. In addition, we have custom jewelry designers on premise to help you make the most beautiful and unique look for your diamond. These and other factors make purchasing your next diamond at Maddaloni an invaluable experience.

Should you require personal assistance from a GIA Certified diamond jeweler, please call Maddaloni Jewelers in Huntington, NY at 1-888-999-4038 or log onto our website



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