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Diamond Myths Debunked

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We all know what diamonds are and what they look like, but over time, various other information revolving around these beautiful gemstones has surfaced, with not all of it being true. But how are you to know what’s myth and what’s fact? It can get pretty tricky thanks to word-of-mouth, but that’s why we’re here. Below, we’re […]

How To Avoid Jewelry Scams During The Holidays

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As a time of year where many people are constantly reaching for their wallet, it’s extremely important to be aware of any and all scams during the holiday season. Specifically speaking, though, an item you need to be extra conscious about is jewelry. Considering that jewelry can be expensive enough as it is, it isn’t unusual for sellers to trick […]

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Band

Fine Jewelry Long Island | Diamond Rings Long Island | Buy Diamonds Long Island

When it comes to your wedding, the act of shopping for jewelry doesn’t end after the engagement ring is purchased. For the bride, she’ll eventually have to decide on which necklace, earrings and bracelet she’ll wear to compliment her dress, and she’ll also have to think about what her wedding party will wear to compliment […]

What To Look For In A Jeweler That Buys Diamonds

What to look for in a jeweler that buys diamonds

Just like making the decision to sell your diamonds isn’t something that would happen overnight, neither is choosing which jeweler you will sell them too. Especially since your diamond likely holds sentimental value, you want to be sure that it’s in the right hands as soon as it leaves yours. If you plan to sell some of […]

How To Properly Care For Your Diamond

How To Properly Care For Your Diamond

Once you have a diamond in your possession – by being the proud wearer of an engagement ring, for example – it becomes extremely important to learn how to care for it. After all, diamonds are an incredibly beautiful substance that comes from the Earth and depending on what you have, it could be rare. Do […]

Tips For Selling Your Diamonds

Although diamonds are precious stones that you probably never thought you’d part with, it isn’t unusual for there to come a time where you’re looking to sell. In fact, Long Island customers come to Maddaloni Jewelers to sell their diamonds for various reasons all the time! Do you have a diamond at home you’re looking […]