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How to Buy Diamonds

HOW TO BUY DIAMONDS, DIAMOND APPRAISALS The following information is provided to educate our customers on how to make informed decisions about diamond buying and how to choose a diamond based on individual wants and needs. Each and every diamond is unique – unlike any other, therefore several important factors affect the price when you […]

How To Tell If Your Diamond Is Real

How To Tell If Your Diamond Is Real

Recently, we offered our expert tips on how to tell if a luxury watch is fake prior to purchasing it. Unfortunately, though, luxury watches aren’t the only piece of jewelry that are replicated to appear authentic – sometimes diamonds are too. Just like you should keep an eye out for counterfeit watches, you must also be […]

Tips For Selling Your Diamonds

Although diamonds are precious stones that you probably never thought you’d part with, it isn’t unusual for there to come a time where you’re looking to sell. In fact, Long Island customers come to Maddaloni Jewelers to sell their diamonds for various reasons all the time! Do you have a diamond at home you’re looking […]

The business of “I DO” (Engagement ring)

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Skimming through dozens of articles, online postings and magazine blogs to come up with the most accurate report on the wedding industry for 2015. The result of my findings is that there are about 2 million weddings that take place each year in the United States. That’s an average of about 42,000 weddings every weekend!  Being […]

Bench Jeweler ~ Fine Craftsmanship; A Lost Art

It’s the end of June. Graduation time!  Yes, It’s that time of year when hundreds of thousands of high school students get ready for the next step; “College”.  In just a few short months, the journey to adulthood begins. Such an exciting time with many countless opportunities but as we know, all too well, with […]

Maddaloni Jewelers June Celebrations and Event

June Celebrations JUNE is an important month with some BIG celebrations, Father’s Day, Graduations, June Birthdays and Weddings to name a few. We invite you to visit MADDALONI JEWELERS during our Special Trunk Shows where we display full collections and you get to mingle with designer representatives while enjoying some beer tasting and BBQ. During […]

Save The Date – Festival Of Watches


MADDALONI JEWELERS Hosts Their Annual Festival Of Watches Fundraiser, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2015, Huntington, New York On Saturday, November 7, from 7 – 11pm, Long Island’s premier jeweler, Maddaloni Jewelers will host their 14th annual “Festival Of Watches,” for North Shore-LIJ Huntington Hospital.  The event features the world’s leading timepiece designers showcasing their signature collections […]

Legendary History Of Royal Asscher


“Royal Asscher has a legendary history of innovation and an unblemished ethical record in the world of diamonds.”  This is Royal Asschers reputation in the Jewelry Industry. It all began in 1854 with Joseph Isaac Asscher, known as an artisan in the diamond industry.  He established the I.J Asscher Diamond Company and passed down his expertise […]

Masterpiece Timepiece

Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillion

What bigger word can you think of then the word “Jaw-Dropping?”  Amazing, remarkable, mind-blowing, astonishing, absolutely incredible!  These adjectives describe what it feels like when you come across a true masterpiece. And yes, it is a Limited Edition with only 99 pieces made in Platinum. What is it you ask? It’s Ulysse Nardin’s Royal Blue […]