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Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts For Her

Fine Jewelry Long Island | Designer Jewelry Long Island | Designer Jewelry Suffolk County

Although deciding on a Valentine’s Day gift can come pretty easy for the men – roses and chocolates are pretty much guaranteed to win over their lady’s heart – those certainly aren’t the only options out there. Another idea that we’re sure you’ve heard? Jewelry. But considering that there are tons of options out there, […]

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts For Him

Fine Jewelry Long Island | Designer Jewelry Long Island | Luxury Jewelry Long Island

Just last week, we offered a few tips to keep in mind when buying jewelry for Valentine’s Day. But, now that we’re a whole week closer to the holiday, you may be more inclined to actually get out there and start shopping. That’s why today, we’re discussing a few of the best Valentine’s Day jewelry […]

Tips For Buying Designer Watches As Gifts

Fine Jewelry Long Island | Luxury Watches Long Island | Designer Watches Long Island

Although the holiday season is over and you may not have presents on your mind, there are plenty of times throughout the year that call for gift giving – Valentine’s Day, birthdays, graduations, the list goes on and on. In our point of view, when it comes time to find a gift for your father, grandfather, son, […]

How To Love Luxury Watches On A Budget

Tag Heuer Watches Long Island | Ulysse Nardin Watches Suffolk County

Are you a fascinated by some of the world’s best luxury watches? Would you love to grow and have a collection of your own? A beautiful piece of jewelry, we know that it can sometimes be difficult to follow through with a love of watches as a result of their cost. However, although they can certainly […]

How To Start A Luxury Watch Collection

Ulysse Nardin Watches Suffolk County | Tag Heuer Watches Long Island | Fine Jewelry Long Island

We all have hobbies and interests that make us unique in our own way. For some, it’s sports or fitness. For others, it’s music or art. And then of course, there are the fashion gurus who prefer to dive into all things clothing and accessories. When it comes to the male population in this particular […]

Watch Brands Carried By Maddaloni Jewelers

Luxury Watches Suffolk County | Luxury Watches Long Island | Watch Repair Long Island

In 1978, Maddaloni Jewelers first opened its doors to Long Island customers under the direction of Mr. Louis Maddaloni himself, offering a selection of jewelry that simply couldn’t be beat. Today, still under his incredible leadership, Maddaloni Jewelers has become one of the most elite jewelry and watch retailers in the country, with a GIA […]

Holiday Gifts For The Watch Lover

Luxury Watches Suffolk County | Designer Watches Long Island | Designer Watches Suffolk County

How are you doing on your holiday shopping thus far? Still have a few gifts to purchase before your upcoming Secret Santa or family gathering? While deciding on which gifts to give can sometimes be challenging, if you know the recipient is a fan of luxury watches or has a watch collection already, it can […]

Do’s and Don’ts To Follow When Purchasing A Watch

Bremont Watches Long Island | Luxury Watches Long Island | Designer Watches Long Island | Tag Heuer Watches Long Island

Considering that the holiday season is among us, we know you may be starting to create a list of gifts that you need to buy for family and friends. And if you’re considering a watch, we’re here to remind you that finding the right make and model isn’t as simple as walking into a jewelry […]

Tips For First Time Luxury Watch Buyers

Watch Repair Long Island | Luxury Watches Long Island | Designer Watches Long Island

Though the process may seem self-explanatory, buying your first luxury watch requires more than you think – it’s not as simple as finding a timepiece that looks good on your wrist. While this is definitely a factor to consider, you must also be familiar with topics such as the different models and features available, maintenance requirements, and watch […]

How To Properly Store Your Luxury Watch

How To Store A Luxury Watch

When you aren’t wearing your watch, you’ll need to find something to do with it to ensure that it’s kept safe. Additionally, if you have a watch collection, you’ll need to have a place to keep all of your precious timepieces so that they are protected in the unfortunate event that a fire or similar […]