Here Are Timeless Luxury Watch Designers You Should Add To Your Collection

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Here Are Timeless Luxury Watch Designers You Should Add To Your Collection

Designers pay tribute to the legacy of watchmaking with high-precision timepieces you’ll love to have on your wrist

If you want a smart wardrobe with varied choices to dress sharply, you’ve come to the right place! Here, you can kick off your luxury watch collection with designers that evoke the flavors of the first chronographs, while still impressing with new models and functions well-run with updates.

So, let’s explore time-tested watches which go beyond the ordinary with cutting-edge features and robust styles to create the image you desire with elegance, sobriety, and unique concepts. Dive in!
Montblanc Timepiece


A Swiss watchmaker since 1858, Montblanc crafts exceptional timepieces to make you stand out with class and elegance on any occasion. Montblanc has the power to transport us to the roots of watchmaking while continuing to bring innovative and breathtaking designs season after season. 
The designer offers refined timepieces to please even the most demanding watch enthusiasts. Montblanc won’t only provide you with a modern timepiece which can be instantly recognized as a luxurious and elevated piece, but it’s a name synonymous with quality and legacy.

Movado Timepiece


One of the most important designers in the watch industry, Movado has gained worldwide fame thanks to its artistic concepts and numerous series. True Swiss quality and unsurpassed designs keep pace with the times, helping Movado firmly hold the credibility of an age-old tradition which started in 1967.
Movado is known for releasing limited watch editions and exclusive products. And at the heart of every new line, we can always expect harmony between color palettes, cases, and bracelets. If you admire all things Movado, explore the most iconic collections to find out how the watchmaking house has been inspiring watch lovers around the world for more than a century.

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Michele Watches

Michele Watches

Modern women are looking for more than a name to follow. Instead, a sense of connection and an outstanding performance are some of the most decisive aspects they consider before adding a new timepiece to their staple accessories.
Michele crafts high-end timepieces by women for women, and it shows. Each new line is meticulously thought out to enhance women’s natural beauty and take their breath away with a blend of features and designs you can’t find anywhere else. Michele Watches are more than a great financial investment, they’re an investment in your image.

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Shinola Timepiece


Something new is born every day with Shinola. There are no limits in the inspiration to reinvent new watch designs and ideas with bold creativity. Shinola combines engineered excellence with timeless style in a variety of options while showcasing intriguing dial colors.
The aesthetics of Shinola draw eyes immediately, especially because of how it incorporates beauty, savvy tech, and quality materials, making its watches get as much attention as the finest jewelry pieces. Enjoy a fantastic experience with timepieces which aren't only comfortable, but make your style glow with authenticity.

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Diversify your watch collection

We know one of the easiest ways to build a top watch collection is to adhere to a designer you already know. But like we described above, each watchmaking house has its own specialty and “flavor.”
With expert help, you can build a collection of luxury watches from several designers, ranging from contemporary to classic styles, selected to back you up on a variety of occasions.
So, broaden your options in favor of precision and reliability with watches which traditionally excel as the occasion demands—from diving and aviation watches to heavy-duty or elegant and showstopping timepieces—select the best mechanical complications you’ll need for every stage of life.

Luxury Watches in Long Island

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